Korea-Africa Mission Conference to Be Held in 40 Cities in Africa

A Korean mission organization established with the aim of African mission will hold a mission conference next year with 400,000 expected to attend.

Korea-Africa Mission Conference to Be Held in 40 C''Korea-Africa Cultural Interchange Mission Conference'' is coming soon. Christian Life World Mission Frontier has held many mission conferences on a nationwide scale in many African countries since 2001. (Photo: CLWMF America)

Christian Life World Mission Frontier, headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., recently announced that it will open the "Korea-Africa Cultural Interchange Mission Conference" next year in 25 cities in Uganda and 15 cities in Tanzania.

With the theme, "We are the one under the wings of God," the July 17-30 conference will be held in the same format as the 2004 Africa Evangelization Grand Festival, which had around 10 programs, including native teacher training sessions, leadership seminars, and performances in 50 cities in Rwanda, Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The Korea-Africa Conference will offer evangelizing workshops, seminars for pastors, women leaders, and youth, father schools, various athletic events, praise meetings, musicals, and a time for the exchange of traditional music.

The host organization is expecting that the conference will be a huge mission event with 400,000 attendants if the conference draws 100,000 people from each city.

In addition, World Mission Frontier is in discussion with Uganda and Tanzania about announcing