Korean Superstar ‘Rain’ to Promote HIV/AIDS Awareness in Malaysia

Korean superstar Rain will help World Vision promote HIV/AIDS awareness among Malaysians when he holds his concert “Rain’s Coming 06/07 World Tour” in the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil on Saturday.

Rain, who is the HIV/AIDS ambassador for World Vision Korea, will take this opportunity to help the Christian relief agency in advocating HIV/AIDS prevention activities in the region.

“I agreed to take up this challenge when I realized that HIV/AIDS has done so much damage in our society,” Rain said.

“Eight thousand children are orphaned by HIV/AIDS everyday and over 14 million children have lost their parents to HIV/AIDS every year. Devastation caused by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa during 1990’s could be repeated here in Asia unless we intervene swiftly.”

The executive director of World Vision Malaysia, Liew Tong Ngan, said: “I’m confident that Rain will speak up and speak out to raise HIV/AIDS awareness during the concert tour. As the ambassador, he will be able to convey a strong message on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care as well as to appeal for support to help children affected by HIV/AIDS.”

Part of the profits from the concert ticket sales will be channeled toward various HIV/AIDS projects in Asia, Liew said.

Born in South Korea, Rain, 25, whose real name is Jong Ji-Hoon, is a well-known singer and actor in Asia. His song “Friends” was composed specially for the orphans and vulnerable HIV/AIDS-affected children and calls for the international community to help children affected by the turmoil of the virus.

World Vision Malaysia will also set up booths in the National Stadium to sell charity items such as wrist bands, with all profits going to World Vision’s HIV/AIDS-focused fund, the HOPE Fund.

For more information, visit www.worldvision.com.my.