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    Lady Gaga, wearing an outfit made of meat, poses in the photo room at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California in this September 12, 2010 file photo. Lady Gaga on August 5, 2011 was slapped with a lawsuit claiming her hit song "Judas" on the new album "Born This Way" was copied from a similar tune by a Chicago-based singer and songwriter. Rebecca Francescatti, who filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Illinois on August 3, alleges "Judas" infringes upon the copyright of her song "Juda," which she recorded in 1999.
By Brittney R. Villalva , Christian Post Reporter
March 16, 2012|8:22 am

In a recent interview, Lady Gaga revealed that she is no longer interested in talking to the media. The singer also relayed her plans on having a family.

During an interview with Oprah on "Oprah's Next Chapter" which will air Sunday, Lady Gaga revealed that she would not be doing interviews for a very long time. So what will she do with that time instead? Aside from starting her "Born This Way" tour the singer has also shared plans about getting married and having kids.

"Yes, I want kids, I want a soccer team and I want a husband," she told Oprah. "Yeah, I do. Well, you know, I'm being superfluous. I don't want to have one kid. I want to have a few."

Of course busy with starting her own foundation and website, the singer also said that she wouldn't be buying a mini-van anytime soon.

"I want to experience that," she said making a baby bump with her hands and laughing, "[but] not yet."

Gaga also said that she was not interested in having any more media experiences anytime soon. The statement shocked some, who are used to a more vibrant, meat wearing, staged-up Gaga.

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"Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time," the singer said in the interview. "No press, no television, if my mom calls and says, 'Did you hear about' I shut it all off."

During 2011 Lady Gaga was one of the number one Googled names, so it is no one wonder that a plethora of information about her is constantly circling the web. Since not all press is good press, Gaga said she doesn't read any. "I don't read a damn thing," Gaga said.

In addition to launching her Born this Way Foundation, which Oprah has been a part of, the singer has also been working on developing her own social networking site titled "Little Monsters."