Lausanne to Hold Global Conference for Emerging Christian Leaders

The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (LCWE) will gather hundreds of young leaders worldwide for a conference in Malaysia next year.

The Younger Leaders Gathering, which brings together about 500 young leaders between the ages of 25-35 from over 100 countries, aims to serve as a platform for emerging global Christian leaders of the 21st century to connect and develop. The gathering is scheduled for Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Among the qualities the Committee seeks in participants are leaders who actively and personally engage in reaching people with the Gospel, demonstrate a Kingdom mindset through collaborative/cooperative ministry, influence others to reach their potential, have a current and potential ministry impact, and are respected by their peers.

The Lausanne Younger Leader Gathering will be a unique world-scale event with world-class leaders and will offer partnership opportunities as well as an occasion for new and creative ministries.

The event’s goals for participants are that they be informed of the state of the gospel worldwide and know what the needs are and who is doing what; develop younger leaders who want to grow spiritually and personally and who will in turn develop other younger leaders; inspire by God’s ideas, the challenges that lay ahead and to finish the task; and to meet, network and partner with leaders around the world and to pray, worship with fellow young leaders.

LCWE seeks to encourage and stimulate the involvement of churches, denominations, ministries, networks and individuals in the cause of world evangelization. The organization provides a place for theological discussion and the development of practical strategies to address crucial issues facing the church in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization developed out of the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization held in Lausanne, Switzerland. The Congress gathered more than 2,300 evangelical leaders from 150 countries to create The Lausanne Covenant, a declaration that provides the theological foundation for intentional world evangelization. The gathering was called by a committee headed by the Rev. Billy Graham.