Lessons From the Dumpster

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By Rod Anderson , CP Cartoonist
October 29, 2013|8:29 am

Lessons From the Dumpster

 A Houston-based pastor has decided to sleep in a dumpster where he will remain in until Saturday to raise awareness of the homelessness issue in his city and the country, with hopes that people will stop by to drop off items for the needy which he will then distribute throughout his community.

Pastor Langdon Cassidy of the Matthew 25:35-40 Ministry, a ministry solely focused on helping the homeless in Houston and its surrounding communities, took on the challenge to "walk in a homeless persons shoes" after having a series of dreams about it. In his recurring dreams, he constantly found himself inside of a dumpster while trying to grab onto everything that people would hand to him.

Read more at http://www.christianpost.com/news/former-homeless-turned-pastor-sleeps-in-dumpster-to-collect-goods-for-the-less-fortunate-107490/

Miles McPherson, is the Senior Pastor of the Rock Church and Academy in San Diego, California and the founder of Do Something World. Find out more at MilesMcPherson.comFollow Miles on Facebook - FB.com/Pastor.Miles.McPhersonFollow Miles on Twitter - Twitter.com/MilesMcPpherson

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