Liberia Religious Council Raises Funds to Rebuild Burnt Churches, Mosques

The Inter Religious Council of Liberia is making an effort to help facilitate the reconstruction of churches and mosques that were burnt or vandalized during last week violence in the Liberian capital of Monrovia and its suburbs. The decision by the religious council to help rebuild the mosques and churches was reached at a meeting held Wednesday at the Monrovia City Hall.

Last weekend, Liberia witnessed the worst violence since the civil war ended last year, as riots in Monrovia left sixteen people dead and 200 wounded.

According to the Secretary General of the Religious Council, Rev. Christopher Toe, the religious leaders, realizing the wanton destruction done to their institutions by bandits, have agreed to contribute toward the reconstruction of the affected Churches and Mosques.

The acting President of the Religious Council, Shaikh Kafumba Konneh, cautioned religious leaders, both Christian and Muslim, to always meet and discuss important issues of the their faith and the Country.

He said religious leaders should not wait until matters get out of hand before coming together to find solution.

According to sources, last weekend