Life is Really Simple

We live in a society that is constantly looking for the fastest way to accomplish every day living. Whether its fast food, fast cars, fast phone calls, fast microwaveable dinners or fast success, most of us are on the fast track to get things done not only quicker but easier. I recently participated in a teleconference on cold calling. Cold calling is probably at the top of the list of dreaded tasks in sales. I have yet to meet anyone who truly enjoys the process.

Because it's such a difficult task, people have been offering training on how to make it fun, easy and effective for decades. In this particular training, something that was offered struck me as being less than straight forward.

In an effort to gain an audience with the person you want to talk to, the trainer suggested speaking in a manner that would lead the gatekeeper to think you already know the person. The teacher instructed us to go about cold calling by asking for the contact by first name only. This would give the impression that a personal relationship has already been established and the operator would be inclined to simply pass us through without question.

At first glance, this seems innocent enough, right? But, if we do this, are we really lying? Human nature can rationalize almost anything. When I think of the word rationalize I always recall a lecture presented by Rick Warren and Chuck Colson where Warren broke down the word rationalize into Rational Lies.

When man thinks he is smarter than God, he is in serious trouble. And when we do things that may stretch a situation just a little bit, we are acting as if we are smarter than God because we're not following what He told us to do. If we look at Proverbs 21:30, we are given a clear picture of what it means when we do things our way instead of God's way. "There is no wisdom, no insight, and no plan that can succeed against the Lord."

I, too, have rationalized word and deed by saying the same thing you have probably said, "Well, everyone is doing it." Some might even rationalize by adding, "If I don't do it this way, I can't compete in the market."

Letting someone believe something just to gain a contract is simply being untruthful. Perhaps you didn't actually tell your prospective customer something false; you merely allowed them to take their assumptions as fact instead of clarifying a point for accuracy.

How then can we come before the Lord and ask Him to bless our efforts when we take this kind of approach to business and life. Anytime we do anything contradictory to God's way, we are essentially telling him we don't trust him to take care of us. Where there is true faith, there is no need to be deceitful or sly.

I don't like cold calling either, but it is a part of my work that must be done in order for my business to grow. I am working in my business by being transparent; being totally upfront with the person on the phone and stating my purpose. It doesn't work all the time but then again, I'm sure the method suggested earlier doesn't work either.

Jesus told us there is a broad way that leads to destruction and a narrow one that leads to life. Being a Christian makes life simple; we know what we should do and should not do. While we all fall prey to life's temptations, life is simple, but certainly not always easy.