LifeWay Releases Top Ten Issues of Concern List for Evangelicals

Lifeway Christian Resources, a ministry of the Southern Baptist Convention, found that prayer is the top issue of concern for evangelical ministers today.

Beginning November 2004, LifeWay surveyed more than 1,300 evangelical leaders around the world to dtermine what were the “Top 10 Issues Facing Today’s Church." For the past 10 weeks, the ministry released, one week at a time, the title for each topic.

On April 11, the ministry reported prayer as being the number one issue facing churches today. Thus, concluding this project.

"This project was an opportunity for us to learn what challenges churches are facing," said Gary McClure, LifeWay’s e-business marketing manager, according to a press release by Lifeway. "But it also provided us the opportunity to propose effective biblical solutions to those issues."

In ascending order, the top issues of importance for evangelicals were found to be: abortion, homosexuality, relevance, marriage, apathy, doctrine/worldview, evangelism, leadership, discipleship and prayer.

These ten were chosen among approximately 3,700 issues raised during the survey.

For the complete survey results and for more information on each of the ten topics, visit: