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September 22, 2016|1:30 am

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It has been a few months since the fans of the once hit drama comedy show "Limitless" started hoping for a second season. As of late, however, the future does not look any brighter for the show as no network has gone to fully invest on "Limitless" Season 2.

"Limitless" Cancellation

The premiere of "Limitless" when it hit the small screen was no doubt received well by millions of fans worldwide. However, ratings started to dwindle during the second half of the season, urging CBS to ultimately cancel the second season and not produce it on any platform.

This goes against the word released earlier by the network itself. CBS had previously stated that all of its first-year shows would be assured of having a second season produced. On the other hand though, fellow first season show "Supergirl" got axed by the network due to low viewership in comparison to its production cost. Fortunately, it found a new home at The CW.

The Search for Networks

The CW move of "Supergirl" sparked some hope in many fans. It has been previously reported that the Season 2 of "Limitless" was pitched to both Amazon and Netflix. However, neither of the streaming service providers picked up the show.

Showrunner and writer Craig Sweeney offered up an explanation behind the unimpressed posture of Netflix. Sweeney said that Netflix justified to them that the network is not fully confident with the overtly complex plot of the show. This is why Netflix wasn't inclined to pick up the second season of the show.

It has been reported, however, that both Sweeney and Bradley Cooper have been working on pitching "Limitless" Season 2 to other networks. Bradley Cooper is an executive producer and a recurring cast member of the show. However, as the future of "Limitless" is seemingly looking bleaker and bleaker by the minute, Cooper has decided to focus on his directing job with a project that stars Lady Gaga.

100% Gone

The duo of Sweeney and Cooper may have already exhausted all avenues to continue the show in any platforms. There have been previous reports of negotiations with NBC, ABC, and FOX, all to no avail.

With still a handful of fans clamoring for the show's second season, some took their frustration to social media. A fan asked Sweeney about the show's fate, to which the showrunner replied with a devastatingly huge truth bomb.

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