LPEA 'Orlando Festival' to Receive Support from 160 Churches

The Luis Palau Evangelistic Association (LPEA) will hold a festival next spring in Orlando, Florida with the support of about 160 Orlando-area churches. At two events for pastors and community leaders last month, evangelist Luis Palau presented his vision for Orlando Festival, which is tentatively scheduled for spring 2006—possibly late March.

"We couldn't be more excited about working with Dr. Palau and his team to impact the central Florida area," said Jeff Carine, one of about 250 people who attended a dinner event on Jan. 27 for pastors, and 150 business and civic leaders.

Carine, who was among the church leaders who invited the Palau team to central Florida, “has had a festival in Orlando on his heart since participating in Beachfest in Fort Lauderdale two years ago,” the LPEA reported.

"With the local attractions being such a part of our culture, we knew that a Palau festival would be a good fit for us,” Carine commented. “We can't wait to see what God has in store!”

Chris McFarland, an assistant festival director with LPEA, said about 160 Orlando-area churches have indicated support for the festival.

"We are excited about the way God is moving in this city," he said. "We've had a strong response from the community and, it seems, a strong move of the Spirit. People are saying they want to see the city united and be part of the work God is doing here."

Palau festival events, with their “cutting-edge” approach and unique style, have drawn as many as 300,000 people in the U.S. and as many as one million overseas, while recent festivals have attracted tens of thousands, including 140,000 in Portland, OR; 125,000 in New England; 100,000 in Boise, ID; 55,000 in Santa Cruz, CA; 210,000 in Cordoba, Argentina; one million in Buenos Aires, Argentina; 300,000 Fort Lauderdale, FL. and 310,000 in Mar de Plata, Argentina.

Palau’s most recent festival, the Luis Palau Lima Festival took place last year from Oct. 4-9 and saw an average attendance of 300,000 each night—three times more attendants than was originally estimated.

The next festival, Festival Mendoza, is slated for Mar. 11-12 and will be LPEA’s fifth festival in Argentina.