Lutheran World Relief Celebrates Colombia's Week of Peace

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) has joined the people of Columbia in recognition of “Semana Por La Paz” – the week for peace – on Sept. 11-18 to reflect on peace efforts.

“Semana Por La Paz” is a week-long annual celebration in Columbia honoring peace and hoping for peace in the near future. The country has been ravaged by warefare for over 40 years and is home to over three million displaced people.

“‘Semana Por La Paz’ is our opportunity to join in the celebration, as our Colombian brothers and sisters invite us to join them in dedicating ourselves to reflection and action and promote peace in Colombia, in our own lives, and throughout the world,” reads a statement from The Lutheran World Relief Campaign for Colombia.

The week for peace began in 1987 and involves churches, communities, and individual in a celebration of bell ringing, vigil, prayer, concerts, and discussion among other activities.

"This is a way that we can celebrate and honor all expressions of peace in the world – through art, music, poetry, community," said LWR president Kathryn Wolford in a statement. "By coming together with our neighbors here in the U.S. to celebrate peace, the message of hope and support that we send to our neighbors in Colombia is profound."

The Week for Peace joins Colombian politicians for peace, churches, and communities together and joins over 100 missionaries.

Its goal is to gain a position amongst political leaders so that victims of war can voice their opinions on how to maintain true peace.

Supporters also want U.S. officials to advocate policies that would support peace talks, protect the Columbian people, and help the country develop.

Yesterday marked the official date for the national day of reflection and action for peace.