Marketing Your Church from the Inside Out Seminar

The Glenn Eyrie Group under the Navigators are holding an event known as Marketing Seminar,Thursday, March 4, 2004, from a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (registration begins at 7:30 a.m.)

What is it?
A one-day educational seminar designed not to sell you a marketing service, but to train, equip and empower you to better market your church.

Who should attend?
Church Marketing Directors
Communications Directors
Pastors and Associate Pastors
Student Ministry Leaders
Small Group Leaders
Children's Ministry Leaders
Men and Women Ministry Leaders
Creators of Newsletter and Church Bulletins
Some churches think "advertising" is a bad word . . . and "marketing" is just a downright scary one. Many say, "Can't we can pray, and hope that people will come?" With our world in such turmoil, we can't afford to wait for the lost to ring our church's doorbell. We must act purposefully and intentionally to share the good news of the Gospel.

There are churches working hard to market themselves, but marketing dollars are limited. So, it's important to learn to use those dollars in the most effective way. Not to market harder, but to market smarter.

You're never too small to start marketing successfully.
This must-attend seminar will teach you how to start marketing with what you've got. Whether you have 60 people, 600 or 6,000, you'll discover how to tailor a plan to start marketing effectively to your members.

You'll learn how advertising your church can impact your community, influence people, create credibility and generate excitement in your congregation. You'll receive practical tools to help you strategize, plan and allocate your marketing dollars. It's time to learn to make your church's marketing buget an investment - not an expense.

Hey, if you're already doing it, this seminar will help you do it more effectively.
If you have a sign in front of your church, you're marketing, an ad in the yellow pages, a church bulletin, you're marketing. Marketing Your Church From the Inside Out will introduce you to a new concepts of marketing and help you learn how to market your church purposefully so you can grow.

Attend this powerful seminar and gain a better understanding of how to:
Set realistic targeted marketing objectives
Create opportunities for your congregation to go through the cultural wall
Utilize your congregation's sphere of influence to market effectively
Learn high-impact, lower cost marketing strategies
Market so that people will come
Identify the market conditions that create an advantage for your church
Learn how to integrate your marketing plan
Track the results and define success
Ensure a positive return from your investment
And more!

8:30 Marketing Your Church
Tricia Langley, Keynote Speaker
Advertising works
Do the easy things first
Marketing from the inside out
Create and use windows of opportunities
Marketing over the cultural wall
Influence is like cash

9:45 Break

10:00 Developing a Marketing Plan
Tricia Langley, Keynote Speaker
Empowering your congregation
Identify problem
Identify opportunities
Set objectives
Define your market
Develop your marketing plan
Planning your strategies
11:45 Lunch

12:30 Workshop
1:00 Workshop
1:30 Workshop

2:00 Break

2:30 Your Own Case Study
Tricia Langley, Keynote Speaker

4:30 Dismiss

Workshops & Leaders
Making the Message Count
Kara Schwab, Freelance Copywriter

Designing to Impact
Shane Wagoner, BoldFace Design

Impacting Your Core Audience
Phil Lewis, General Manager, Christian Radio

Impacting People Over the Cultural Wall
Kent Hilderbrand, Sales Manger, The Eagle Radio

Direct Mail . . . It's More Than You Think
Steve Nyrthinen, Owner, All Mail Prep, Inc.

$98 per person includes lunch and seminar notebook (tax not included).

To make your reservation, call 1-800-944-GLEN (4536) or 719-634-0808. Space is still available unless otherwise noted.

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