Massive Prayer Effort Intercedes For the Persecuted Believers

In a message preached to believers and those suffering for their faith, Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors, exhorted Christians on the International Day of Prayer to "go, do something" as hundreds of thousands endure trials of persecution.

The annual IDOP held this past Sunday involved the participation of an estimated 200,000 churches worldwide, marking the start of an unceasing prayer flow that will continue throughout the week until Canada observes its day of prayer on Nov. 20.

"Its primary focus is the work of intercessory prayer and citizen action on behalf of persecuted communities of the Christian faith, for the souls of the oppressors, for the nations that promote persecution, and for those who ignore it," said a released statement by Open Door USA.

Brother Andrew also highlighted the action Christians must take against the harsh abuse and violence taking place across the globe.

"There is a message and we want to share it, but fear and intimidation or maybe our cowardice keeps us back. Then how will they ever know? Then how [will] we ever stop the evil flow whether it's a political order or religious movement that ... makes Christians suffer to the point where they give up their faith?" the Open Doors founder said during a Mission Network News broadcast that aired on Sunday.

The nearly hour-long broadcast reached five countries on more than 350 radio stations and is scheduled to air throughout IDOP week.

"Fear does not live in the same heart with faith," Brother Andrew preached. "There's no need to fear when you love Jesus Christ."

On Sunday, churches took a step of faith and "[did] something" in support of the 200 million Christians who are being persecuted. With callers from 9 different countries and 22 states joining in hourly prayers through Greater Calling's teleconferencing call, believers were mobilized to pray for Islamic regions, the Middle East, Central Asia, Sudan and other nations.

"That's a really wonderful testimony to the church being involved," said Dr. Carl Moeller, president of Open Doors, to The Christian Post on Monday.

However, Moeller noted that "it isn't just about that one day.”

“It's about getting people aware of the persecuted church and getting them involved in prayer throughout the year," he said.