Michigan House Passes Bill on Ultrasounds Before Abortion

The Michigan House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday requiring doctors to offer a view of ultrasound images to women seeking an abortion.

The bill, introduced by Representative David B. Robertson (R- Grand Blanc Township), was approved by a 69 to 37 vote. Under the bill, abortion providers must perform an ultrasound on women who seek an abortion and offer the mother a chance to see the images. The woman has the choice to view or not to view the ultrasounds.

Supporters say that the measure ensures that women are fully educated before they make the critical decision of whether or not to terminate a pregnancy.

National Director of Priests for Life, Father Frank Pavone, praised the House’s decision.

"It is only logical that a woman considering abortion be told not only factual information about this medical procedure, but also factual information about the development of her unborn child," said Fr. Frank Pavone.

He and other pro-life groups hope that seeing the images of their unborn children will deter women from choosing to go through with an abortion.

“And as for those who promote a "right to choose," why not let women know more about what they are choosing?" added Fr. Pavone.

Kristin Cella from the Michigan Catholic Conference commented that the bill is one that both sides of the issue can support.

“[The legislation] in not way restricts access to abortion, yet offers the real prospect of decreasing the number of abortions in Michigan,” said Cella.

“We praise those Republican and Democrat legislators who voted in favor of the bill, and for giving women true choice of whether or not to proceed with an abortion."

However, opponents of the bill argued that it is unnecessary and will not affect the number of abortions in the state. The bill now awaits approval by the state Senate.