• Bing Vs. Google
    Bing vs Google
By Simon Saavedra, Christian Post Correspondent
June 9, 2011|1:53 am

Does the latest comScore report on the U.S. search engine market share suggest that Bing, Microsoft’s search engine service, is eating into Google’s dominance for search queries?

According to the report exhibiting stats for April 2011, Bing currently controls 14.1 percent of the total U.S. search engine market, Yahoo! 15.9 percent and Google 65.4 percent. Although Bing still has a lot to do in order to overcome Google, Microsoft’s June 2009 start-up has been steadily gaining territory in the search engine war since its inception.

Bing had an 8 percent market share when it was first launched, according to comScore. Two years later, Bing is 75 percent larger and according to a report by Hitwise.com the Bing-powered search (Bing teamed up with Yahoo) results in 30 percent of the total U.S. search engine market share, almost half the size of Google’s current share.

Is this a threat to Google? Not necessarily.

At the launch of Bing, Google’s market share stood at 65 percent. In comScore’s latest report, it stands at 65.4 percent. That is a 0.4 percent gain, suggesting that the audience flocking to Bing is from elsewhere. Yahoo perhaps?

Yahoo stood at 19.6 percent when Bing was launched and now it stands at 15.9 percent suggesting that Microsoft has been eating into Yahoo’s share instead of Google’s, somewhat unsurprising due to the Bing-powered search that integrates them both.

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Now what remains to be seen is if the Bing’s and Yahoo’s powered search can push the correct buttons to topple Google. But with this teamed-up service market share growing at the rate of 1-2 percent in the last two years, that should still be an appropriate question to ask a few years down the road.