By Mariel Peralta , CP Contributor
September 23, 2016|4:32 am

Windows 10 REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

A computer screen shows features of the Windows 10 operating system at the Microsoft store at Roosevelt Field in Garden City, New York, July 29, 2015.

Microsoft's Windows 10 is causing its users a lot of problems.

So much that a consumer rights group has called out the company, asking them for compensation in behalf of the hassles experienced by the users for the Windows 10 upgrade. UK consumer rights group "Which?" has stated that it has received several hundreds of calls and complaints about the Windows 10 ever since they upgraded.

Problematic Windows 10 Upgrade Causing Hassles to Consumers
UK consumer rights group "Which?" wrote in a blog post that they received more than a thousand complaints about the Windows 10 upgrade ever since the software was launched in July last year. Microsoft had an aggressive campaign for the update that it basically popped out on a user's desktop asking to be upgraded to Windows 10. There had been instances that despite declining, the update would install itself.

The Windows 10 update reportedly caused the users various problems after they installed the software. Some reported to have issues with wi-fi cards, lost files, printers not working, speakers no longer working and many more. Some computers were reportedly so wrecked that they hired professional services to have it restored.

UK Consumer Rights Group "Which?" Calls Out Microsoft
In accordance to the complaints that they received, "Which?" recommended Microsoft to compensate their consumers for the hassles they have experienced with the new Windows 10 update. "Which?" referenced the Consumer Rights Act 2015, citing that consumers may get compensated for faulty software, and their computer be replaced if it has been damaged by the software, Independent noted.

The UK consumer watchdog group "Which?" stated that consumers should be rightfully compensated due to the hassle they have to endure because of the Windows 10 update. People are increasingly reliant on their computers for their everyday functions and having them malfunction can add to their frustration and woes.

However, a Microsoft representative talked to CNBC via email, explaining that the Windows 10 is an OS upgrade that is secure and free. They added that there are over 350 million devices worldwide that have upgraded to Windows 10, but have a positive experience with the software. They also stated that there is only a small fraction of those who are having problems with it. The Microsoft spokesman recommended the free customer support it has for people who are having problems with it.