Ministering to the Elderly

As the baby boom generation begins to age, the demographic makeup of most churches is also beginning to change. Faced with this new challenge, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)'s Lifeway Christian Resources is providing new equipment and resources to minister to the elderly.

According to a Baptist Press (BP) report on Lifeway's new focus, one such equipment is a 26-passenger bus for the elderly. At the Central Baptist Church in Winchester Ky., the Live Longer and Like It band sees the bus as making "a world of difference."

Other resources available are assisted and remote listening devices and easily accessible facilities.

"People are living longer, and they want to be in church and be involved," said Jennie Taylor, a production associate in direct marketing for LifeWay, to BP. "They don't want to just watch church on TV."

According to BP, seniors often provide the majoirty of a church's income, but often go without the services they need to actively participate in the church's ministry or programs.

“Seniors often give a lot but ask for little in return,” said Mic Morrow, an adult ministry specialist in LifeWay’s church resources division. “Churches must make sure they are taken care of all the time.”