Ministry Leader's Book Offers Young Black Women Support, Advice

With the top teen pregnancy rates and skyrocketing rates of AIDS/HIV, depression and suicide, young black women across America are in a crisis, according to a Christian ministry leader and the author of "Letters to Young Black Women."

In his book, authored in the collaboration with his wife, Meriqua, and his daughter, Daniella, Daniel Whyte III addresses the epidemic of problems that plague the current generation of young black women across America.

"[M]any of the problems they are dealing with today can be prevented from happening in the first place," Whyte explained in a statement.

Whyte hopes that the book, which addresses topics as diverse as faith, belief in God, marriage, family life, and how to avoid harmful relationships with men, will help empower young black women to control and take charge of their destiny.

"Letters to Young Black Women is more about prevention than it is about healing. There are many other great men and women of God who are doing great work in the healing and restoration department for young black women," he said.

"In order for young women to be victorious in this life, they must operate from a position of strength and power. This book will empower them to win against their enemies: the devil, sorry men, and even themselves. I hope that they will read it and never live a defeated life again," he added.

The high prevalence of young black women who the face the consequences of teen pregnancy and AIDS from men who abandon them is one important focus of the book.

Young black women need to avoid being "used, mistreated, and hurt by unscrupulous men who do not care anything for them, and who oftentimes do not even have the capacity to treat them with love and respect," he said."

"And what happens is that moral failures that are pleasurable and seem small while doing them end up impacting the rest of their lives with devastating consequences," Whyte added.

The author says his book, which is written in the format of a series of familiar letters, is meant to be an important source of "advice and encouragement" in the journey that is life for young black women everywhere.

Daniel Whyte III, who is also the author of "Letters to Young Black Men" and numerous other books, is president of Torch Ministries International, which publishes a magazine called The Torch Leader.