Mission Team Supports Church Planting in Rwanda

Bob West, Vice-President of Evangelism, and David Windley, Director of Short Term Mission Trips, had the privilege of being a part of a mission team of 17 people to take the saving message of Jesus Christ to six villages in Rwanda, Africa. This country was torn apart in 1994-1995 during the genocide, but it appears to be a safe and stable country now with a very progressive and effective president.

The team was divided into six groups; each group working in a specific village to plant a church. The village churches that were planted were each sponsored by a "mother church" in a nearby town, and the "mother church" had already commissioned a pastor to lead the planted church. The mission team was unified in ministry purpose. As a result of God's ministry through us, six new churches were planted in six different villages in Rwanda!

Bob West shares his experience with evangelism in Rwanda: Evangelism in the villages of Rwanda was not unlike the experiences of evangelism in India. I could openly share with the villagers on the roads, in the homes, and in the fields or public areas. Enoch was my personal translator and we talked to many people about a personal relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ. Whenever we would stop on the road to talk to someone, many others would stop to listen. Some would stay and listen to a gospel presentation.

The team shared the gospel with 2500 villagers and about 1200 of them indicated that they prayed to receive Christ after hearing a clear, concise explanation of the gospel. Praise the Lord!

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