Modern Communication and Saving Time

As society evolves throughout the decades, the way people communicate changes with each new emerging technology.

The ability to integrate current technology is more important to some areas of ministry than others. For example, the youth director needs to use the most recent technology such as cell phone messaging.

Many people have their own preferred way of receiving information. Let it be email or a simple phone call, it is always important to find out the person’s most readily used communication method.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Americans now work an average of 53 hours a week. Dale McFeatters and his colleagues calculated that if an individual did all the activities reported such as sleeping, TV, dressing, etc. without multi-tasking, that person would have a 28.5 hour a week time deficit.

Such deficiencies explain the difficulties to get responds from church members.

When it comes to emails, be sure to always put a brief but informative summary of your message in the subject line for people who only skim their inbox. For example, instead of “Large Church Event Tonight” put “Thanksgiving Family Church Dinner at 7pm” or “Basketball Fellowship at 6pm.” You can put the details in the body, but the central facts to get people to an event can be communicated in seconds if you summarize the message in the subject line.

When it comes to your own personal time and you don’t have time to make calls yourself, there are services that will make calls for you using equipment you purchased or through their Internet-based systems. One such company is PhoneTree (,