Moody Bible Institute Holds Annual Missions Conference

Students at Moody Bible Institute will be immersed in the wide range of mission opportunities available here in the United States and internationally at this year’s annual missions conference.

Titled “Generation Next: Engaging Youth Globally,” Moody Bible Institute’s annual Missions Conference on Oct. 11-14 will bring Christian leaders from all around the globe to its Chicago campus. Classes are suspended during the conference to allow students to take advantage of all the activities offered and explore their opportunities for the future.

Moody Bible Institute educates students in a variety of degree programs, from Theology and Youth Ministry to Missionary Aviation Technology. Each program is geared toward equipping these students to serve the world missions.

The Missions Conference provides a valuable resource for these students, allowing them to talk in person with those who are out in the mission fields, living the life of missionaries and working with different cultures and peoples. During the course of the conference, more than 150 seminars will be held on many diverse topics related to missions. Included are seminars on “How to Pray to Change the World,” “Creative ways to Present the Gospel to Youth,” and “Would Jesus go to Mayberry.”

People from local and international groups, such as Dave Patty of Josiah Venture and Jeff Anderson of Action International, will be present to talk with students and share about the work of missions in a global world. In addition, special presentations by mission agencies will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, giving students an opportunity to connect with specific mission groups.

Since Moody Bible Institute was founded by Dwight Lyman Moody in the 1880s, the school has grown into a major institution of Christian education, with undergraduate and graduate programs and distance learning options. The Institute also seeks to advance the cause of Christ through broadcasting and publishing ministries, with a focus on equipping people for the mission of Christ.