Moody Students Minister Abroad Through Spring Break

Each year, the students at Moody Bible Institute are given opportunities to study and minister overseas in various parts of the world during the school’s spring break recess.

With one week remaining in the recess, which began on March 5, a number of undergraduate students are still abroad, gaining invaluable lessons through first-hand ministry experiences which are provided by these institute-sponsored trips.

A number of students from the Practical Christian Ministry department have traveled to England and the Philippines to assist local churches and Christian ministries, conduct evangelistic outreaches and provide service to the communities. The Educational Ministry department has also sent a group of students to the Czech Republic and the men’s and women’s basketball teams are ministering in Nigeria, while the women’s volleyball team is serving in the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, another group of students has taken a trip to Europe, visiting various sites from church history located in Turkey, Italy and France as part of an academic-credit tour.

“The students are gaining a full immersion in Greco-Roman and medieval church history,” said Bryan Litfin, the Assistant Professor of Theology, who is leading the group.

In addition, the students from the Bible Department have also partaken in the program by making their trip to Israel where they are doing ministry with another organization.

The trip runs through the 2 weeks of spring break, from March 5-19, said Madison Trammel from the Media Relations & Corporate Communications center at MBI.