MOPS International Holds First Simulcast Leadership Seminar

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) will be holding its first-ever simulcast Leadership Training Seminar on Saturday, April 16. Thousands of current and potential MOPS leaders will gather for the seminar at 29 locations in 18 states and in Canada to listen to inspirational talks on leadership within MOPS groups.

The program, which will be broadcasted via satellite out of Denver, CO, will feature MOPS President and CEO Elisa Morgan and speakers Carol Kuykendall and Stacie Maslyn, whose talks will provide mothers with the "mentoring and leadership skills to assist them during this season of life," according to a statement released by MOPS.

The simulcast event has not been used for this type of event before, said Director of Events and Media, Craig Ellsworth, but it will enable MOPS International to reach more leaders, more efficiently.

Topics during the three and a half hour seminar will include Vision and Goal Setting for Leaders and Conflict Resolution

MOPS leaders are already leading 3600 MOPS groups nationwide.

"A mom is an influencer, a leader, wherever she's at," said Ellsworth.

"In the MOPS group, at a leadership training, we empower moms to be leaders and give them the skills and teach them how to better leaders in a MOPS group."

According to the organization, MOPS International exists to meet the needs of mothers with preschool children, whether they be urban, suburban, or rural moms, stay-at-home or working moms, and teen, single, or married moms.

"MOPS has been impacting moms for 32 years. We reach 100,000 moms on an annual basis, and we continue to grow rapidly each year because the season of a preschooler is like no other time in a mom's life. Many moms leave the work place and decide to stay at home. Others work out of a workplace as well as raise their preschoolers, and it is a very difficult time for a mom," said Ellsworth.

"MOPS exist to provide power and hope for mothers looking for support from other moms as well as support from the resources that we provide through MOMSense Magazine, MOMsense radio, curriculum, and over 42 published books," said Ellsworth.

Online registration, $25 per person, ends April 9, but walk-up registration is available ($35 at the door). A list of seminar simulcast locations is available online at