National Network of Youth Ministries New Website Design Targets New Members

Youth Workers, a website of the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM) will be launching an upgraded website on May 20 to help those served by NNYM.

The new site will boast a "new look" and increased functionality facilitating expansion of "Networks" (a name for teams of members) through the online medium.

According to Richard Lacombe, the web developer, "We want to make the website more user-friendly. And we want to encourage every new Network member to connect with a local Network," according to the announcement on, the website of NNYM.

This development comes in the wake of the increasing importance of the Web as a communication medium for Christians, especially the younger generations.

According to a recent Barna report, a research development group for churches and ministries, "The Internet is the only mass medium among those tested whose audience share has grown during the past decade. The proportion of the population using the Internet for faith purposes has increased by two-thirds since 1998."

The new site will allow new members to sign up on the site, giving Network leaders the chance to reach out to them and make that connection "personal and real," according to an announcement on the NNYM website.

Also, the site will give interested members the relevant information to foster new local "Networks."

New "Network group[s]" can use the tools - to be featured on the website - to communicate easily with other Network members and also, newcomers.

Each group is to have their own webpage, easily accessible and maintainable at no cost. NNYM emphasizes that anyone can post announcements and event updates, even with no technical web knowledge.

The site will enhance overall communication with its message board and a searchable database of all the Networks in the nation that a newcomer could join.