National Revival Prayer Focuses on Obedience

Life Action Ministries held its seventh weekend prayer meeting through the telephone and over the Internet. This week, the theme was obedience. The meeting is part of a 12 week national Tele-Net Prayer Meeting to seek God for revival in the United States.
"Obedience is one of the foundational principles of meeting God in revival," said the Byron Paulus, cohost of the prayer meeting.

The meeting began with a prayer for a "spiritual surge," for God to come into our "homes, our lives, our hearts...wherever we may be located" to "give us a quiet heart, a holy heart."

"My heart's full. It's overflowing on how God is blessing this endeavor, just the hundreds of people that are joining in, not just physically to listen, but in their hearts to join in seeking the Lord," Paulus broadcasted through telephone and on the Internet during Saturday morning's Tele-Net Prayer Meeting.

Then, Walter Price from the Fellowship in the Past spoke on a few places in the Scripture where obedience was mentioned. In the Sermon on the Mount, Mt 7 states, "Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but he who does the will of my father who is in heaven."

One of the greatest verses for understanding obedience, he said is in James: "Be doers of the word, and not hearers only."

Flipping through the many verses on obedience in the Bible, Price came to rest on the 14th chapter of John, which is a "great place to understand the depth of the importance of obedience for us in our relationship to the Lord Jesus. Four times, Jesus said, if you love me, you will keep my commandments."

The conclusion was "that obedience is the proof of love. Obedience is that acid test of love in the life of a believer. Four times the Lord made it very clear. 'If you love me, you will do what I say.' That reminds us it's not how emotional we get, how loud we sing, it's not how many tears we cry, it's not how many words we give to the Lord that prove our love to Him. Rather, it's what Jesus said; it's whether we do what He told us to do."

"The highest act of worship is an obedient response to the word of God from a sincere heart. One of the best definitions that I've ever heard in my life in a Life Action Crusade that 'obedience is doing what God says, when God says, with a happy heart.' "

"If we want to know Him more, one of the greatest paths is obeying Him in all that we do," Price said. "Obedience leads us into the path of knowledge as the Lord discloses Himself to us."

The participators called for a "revival of obedience in America" that will result in complete and instant obedience to God.

"The rocks obey you, the trees obey you, the wind and the waves obey you, the angels obey you, how can we not obey you? It's really unthinkable that you would do anything except say 'Yes, Lord,' " prayed Nancy Leigh DeMoss, cohost with Paulus of National Tele-Net Prayer Meeting for Revival.

"I want to thank you for your faithfulness, that you always do what you say you do, and how that compels my heart to be faithful as you are faithful," prayed another participant.

Besides faithfulness, a third participant focused on God's mercy and how it makes him want to be obedient, while a fourth spoke up and prayed out loud about God's grace. "I thank you for your amazing grace. I was so lost and you came and saved me. I deserve hell, I deserve eternal separation from God, but you reached down. Thank you for sending me Jesus, and for His obedience. You saved me even when I was an enemy."

Speaking on revival and why revival is necessary, Campus Crusade for Christ's Crawford Loritts said that genuine revival is about "authentic Christianity." Healthy revival results in a healthy church, which means the church is "reproducing." "There's evangelism that's taking place and there's nurture that's taking place. There's wonderful encouragement. There's a proper appreciation of leadership and there's a sensitivity to the direction of the Spirit of God and the needs of the people" (Mission Network News).

The prayers will be broken down by nation, church, family, and the individual hearts. The national prayer meeting through both the telephone and the Internet began on January 29, with the first topic being "Revival."

February's four prayer meetings focused separately on themes of "Humility," "Honesty," "Repentance," and "Grace." The first theme for March was "Holiness" and along with "Obedience," "Clear Conscience" and "Forgiveness" will round out March themes. In April,  themes, such as Sexual Purity,  Spirit-Filled Life, and  Personal Devotional Life will focus on the life of a true believer.

"Life Action Ministries is a non-profit organization founded in 1971 by Del Fehsenfeld Jr. Since that time, "America's Family-Centered Revival Team" has ministered to millions of Americans through revival crusades, special multi-media musical productions, revival publications, a camp and conference program, and more. Over 150 full-time staff members in 17 different departments serve with one common goal-to see God give birth to genuine revival among His people, as well as a spiritual awakening among the lost," states their website.

On Saturdays at 10 AM EST, you can join the prayer event by calling 1-866-406-5413. When prompted, enter code: 876265#. You can also listen on-line by going to, or you may listen later when it is archived.