Nationwide Campaign for Life to Illuminate America

The Campaign for Life in America is making its second nationwide call to the Christian community to illuminate the states with a million lights and 100 million prayers for the cause of life.

On Sanctity of Human Life Sunday – which falls next year on Jan. 22 – the 2006 campaign called A Light in the Darkness will raise support for America's Christian Crisis Pregnancy Care Centers “one dollar at a time," as Rick Gathman, national campaign director of The Campaign for Life, told The Christian Post Friday.

"Our goal is to help Christians join together one luminary and one dollar at a time to dramatically help poor resources to save lives in [Jesus'] name," he said.

After a test run last January helped raise thousands of dollars, The Campaign for Life is looking toward additional growth in participation and collected funds this year. Communicating with churches and over 800 Care Net centers across the nation, the campaign organization is sending out invitations to increase involvement and contributions.

The Christian pro-life movement has been "at times fairly fragmented in the past," said Gathman, but Campaign for Life in America helps "join evangelical Christians to quietly shine the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ in our communities in a way that also directly impacts the ability of the church to save lives in the name of Jesus Christ – by supporting local centers."

Based on the verse from John 10:10 – which states "I have come that they may have life" – the national campaign was organized in 1998 as a local development outreach supporting America's Christian Crisis Pregnancy Care Centers by The Campaign for Life in America, Inc. "A Light in the Darkness" was launched in 2005 when The Campaign for Life was incorporated as a national outreach.

"Close to 46 million lives have been lost since 1973. We all have to some extent in a free country a shared responsibility for that," said Gathman. "We'd like every Christian to prayerfully consider … at least one light."

For every dollar raised, two thirds of it will be directed to the donor's local Christian Crisis Pregnancy Care Center.

"We would expect it to be a silent but powerful witness," he commented.

"The fact that Christians are still here still doing the work of the Lord in this area ... is a signal to Christians that we're not alone, that we still have a stake in this battle to save lives. We're about to let the light of Christ shine more clearly in this critical area."

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