Nationwide Life Chain to Mark 20 Years of Defending Unborn Children

NEW YORK — Millions of pro-lifers and Christians will line sidewalks across cities nationwide this Sunday to peacefully protest abortion.

The messages they want to send are clear: "Abortion Kills Children" and "Abortion Hurts Women."

Pro-life advocates, Christians, and churches, from over 1,300 cities in the United States and Canada will participate in Sunday's National Life Chain, which is marking its 20th anniversary. They will hold signs displaying the event's two main messages among others, including "Adoption: The Loving Option" and "Lord, Forgive Us and Our Nation."

Life Chain director Royce Dunn said the nature of the life chain is less focused on protest and more on prayer.

"It's an opportunity for the corporate church and every city in town to come to the local sidewalks on Sunday … and enter into a very earnest hour of prayer on behalf of their local communities, state, and nation," Dunn told The Christian Post.

He said that he hopes God will work through the witness of those gathered in the Life Chain "to change hearts on abortion and save lives."

Most Christians and pro-life advocates believe that human life begins before birth and say that abortion amounts to killing a human life.

Dunn said that the event's main message "Abortion Kills Children" is a God-send. He explained the message directly addresses the deep denial Americans have about what abortion is: the killing of children.

"While millions of Americans support abortion — some almost passionately — it's very difficult to find one American that would say they support the killing of children," said Dunn.

According to Barbara Meara, chairman of the Bronx Right to Life Committee in New York, one out of four babies in the United States is aborted. However, in some places, the rates are even more staggering, she noted.

"Here in the Bronx, we have as many abortions as live births," Meara told The Christian Post.

She hopes the Life Chain will remind young women that there are alternatives available such as pregnancy care centers.

Over the past years, more and more people have joined in the Life Chain. Last year, one hundred new cities participated in the event and this year one hundred more joined, reported Dunn.

On the Life Chain's website, participants are asked to space themselves 25 to 30 feet apart long their chosen route and to be courteous to surrounding businesses and people in the area.

"We're just people across the country serving the Lord by serving the little ones," said Dunn.

Christian Post reporter Katherine T. Phan contributed to this report.