Nazarene Statistics Reveal “Signs of a Healthy Denomination”

The Church of the Nazarene has been growing in the number of missions, churches and membership, according to a report released on Dec. 23. The end of the year report, which drew from a detailed statistical documentation of the missional activities of the Church of the Nazarene on the global scale, held generally good news about the fairly young denomination.

According to David J. Felter, senior editor of the Nazarene news service, the statistics show the “signs of a healthy denomination.”

Specifically, between the Oct. 1, 2003 and Sept 30. 2004 time frame, the Nazarene church counted: 3,656 missions, 13,672 churches, 1,496,296 members, 658 new churches organized, 110,706 new Nazarene members, 800,644 global Sunday School attendance, 336,950 global NYI members, 827,200 global NMI members, and 525,814 A.M. Worship attendance in North America alone.

“These are signs of a healthy denomination. Add the healthy, invigorating theological dialogue in process, and an exciting picture emerges,” said Felter.

“Is there room for improvement? Absolutely. We have much for which to give thanks as we conclude another year,” he added.