NBC's 'Three Wishes' Brings Hope To Small Towns

Whether through a brand new high school football field or the words of a newly-adopted son to his father, NBC’s newest reality series “Three Wishes,” is set to bring a new hope into the lives of thousands of small-town inhabitants, according to the show’s host, Christian pop-singer Amy Grant.

“We live in an age where people are not connecting the way they used to in meeting each other’s needs on a basic level,” says Grant. “I hope that people see this show and feel the desire to reinvest.”

Run in an unscripted format, “Three Wishes” will follow the efforts of Grant and her team as they attempt to make everyday people’s dreams come true, one town at a time.

“Everyone secretly wants the chance to fulfill a lifelong wish that seems beyond their grasp—and this show will help transform those dreams into a life-changing reality,” says Jeff Gaspin, President, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment & Cross-Platform Strategy.

Grant, 44, says she was drawn to “Three Wishes” because of the unique opportunity the show presented to impact people’s lives.

“There was a time in my life when my income curve was greater and I was able to do some pretty magical things for people,” explains Grant. “And part of me was wishing that I had that capacity back again.”

But while Grant enjoys responding to the requests of the show’s participants, she is glad that she doesn’t have to decide which “wishes” will actually be granted.

“It’s just way too much pressure,” says Grant. “I don’t know how Andrew [Glassman, producer] and Jason [Raff, producer] do it.”

More than a few miracles for a couple lucky folks, Grant says that “Three Wishes” creates a “ripple effect” of generosity throughout the community.

“I asked this woman in Clovis, New Mexico what her wish was, and she told me, ‘I wish that the wish would come through for the woman standing in front of me,’” recalls Grant.

“People come together in this environment because hope is palpable and because they know someone will be chosen.”

NBC’s “Three Wishes” will begin airing on Sept. 23 at 5 p.m. EST.