New Book Examines Miracles of Jesus through a Doctor's Eyes

A Texas-based physician has released a book that attempts to examine Jesus' miracles, analyze the causes and effects of each Divine moment, and provide relevant applications to help readers live more fully today.

Dr. Roberto Estevez, who has practiced medicine for nearly 40 years, says the hope he has for his book, A Physician Examines the Miracles of Jesus, is that by dissecting the miracles of the Bible, "readers will come to know the power and character of Jesus in a new and profound way."

"My patients' feelings and concerns are basically the same as those who needed a miracle two thousand years ago," he noted in a statement.

Since 1970, Estevez has practiced medicine and has served in various roles at the North West Texas Hospital in Amarillo including chief of the Department of Medicine and chief of the Department of Cardiology. Estevez also has been vice president of Medical Staff at the High Plains Baptist Hospital in Amarillo and currently serves as an assistant professor of medicine at Texas Tech School of Medicine.

Regarding Estevez's latest book, Dr. James Bartley, director of the Baptist Bible Seminary in Uruguay, where Estevez originated from, said the physician's writings on the miracles of Jesus from the perspective of a medical doctor "are to my knowledge the only work of this nature in print today."

"He demonstrates his expertise as a medical doctor giving insights that are not found in other commentaries," he expressed in a press release.

According to the book's description, A Physician Examines the Miracles of Jesus contains 35 simple chapters broken into five sections: "Power Over Demons," "Power Over Death," "Power Over Nature," "Power Over Illness," and the "Power in the Person of Jesus." In addition to being inspirational, the book is also easy to read and full of beautiful and creative illustrations to help readers identify with the recipient of the miracle, or with those surrounding and watching Jesus while he demonstrates his power.

"The miracles of the Bible have always been a source of wonder and inspiration, especially to those who are ill or who face seemingly insurmountable challenges," the book's promoters noted.

A Physician Examines the Miracles of Jesus is Estevez's third book on the miracles of Jesus and is currently available in English and in Spanish.

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