New Book Inspires Readers to Overcome Fear of Evangelism

Evangelism is scary. People often think, “I don’t want to get involved,” “I don’t know how to relate to people who aren’t like me,” or “I don’t want to offend.”

Author and president of Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) International, Elisa Morgan, in her newest book, Twinkle, shatters the fear that paralyzes Christians in sharing faith. She said every Christian can make a difference, not by doing anything big, but just by twinkling the light put there by God.

“I have this suspicion that our I can’ts won’t hold up in real life when we meet a person stuck in a dark and hopeless situation,” she writes. “We can hide behind them, but God’s light will poke out of our very beings—if only from our very real human cracks.”

With the same honesty and vulnerability that permeates her book, Morgan admitted to The Christian Post that sharing faith can be scary because it affects someone's eternal destiny. By sharing her insecurities and past mistakes, Morgan tries to inspire readers to go from “I can’t” into “I can” in sharing faith in everyday situations.

“I can accept others the way they are, be a friend, be real, offer hope in the daily minutes of life, offer help and hope in crisis, and accept the doubts in others.”

As president of a group that has faith-seekers making up 30-40 percent of its 110,000 members, Morgan understands the importance of relational evangelism.

She urges people to share their lights, no matter how big or small.

"What we need to understand is that darkness can't put out light. Light changes the nature of darkness," she said. "We need not be so concerned about fighting the threat to light, as we should be concerned about shining our light."

The model for evangelism is no longer limited to large-scale presentations and altar calls, but it is making friends – relational evangelism, which is now the most popular mode with the younger generations. In Twinkle, Morgan highlights the way to evangelize the younger generations.

Communication for them is interactive, through the Internet and community. Belief comes not based on proof so much as it does from belonging. The church is not a place for private worship, but a community where clergy and people partner to minister, and finally, evangelism is a process, not instant, and takes discipleship.

She stated, "While we don’t have control over how the one in darkness will respond—that truly is the work of the Holy Spirit—we do have a choice to be bright lights to light the way of hope for others.”

Elisa Morgan is president and CEO of MOPS International, Inc. (, based in Denver, Colo. Her daily radio program, MomSense, is broadcast on more than 700 outlets nationwide. In addition, she is the author, editor, or coauthor of numerous books.