New Ministry to Gov't Workers Launched in D.C.

The Rev. Chuck Garriott is seen as “the man” among those who know him. He is the one-man team that makes political outreach ministry possible within the Presbyterian Church in America, and has set his eyes on reaching delegates around the world.

Capital Services Ministry, which Garriott leads, informally began two years ago as a private ministry for Garriott’s home church in Oklahoma City. While its staff has not grown in size, the ministry has grown in influence and stature, as well as vision.

“We are young in a lot of ways, but we are beginning to develop relationships to weave a global network,” he said. “We want to utilize the missions of the PCA mission to the world and spread this ministry through the hundreds of missionaries already present in the international capitols.”

Some of the domestic developments include the completion of a new booklet that teaches pastors how to develop government-centered ministry in their own church. Called, “Work Excellence,” the book is also meant to serve a broader audience.”

“We want to see it developed in churches, and even in companies,” said Garriott. “It’s for anyone who wants to start small groups.”

Garriott’s own small group meets every Friday at Capitol Hill, and has grown to 12 members since it began last month.

According to Garriott, he dedicates his life to this ministry, not because he is “politically savvy,” but because of the “significant need for the church to engage with the government.”

“In the past 100 years, most of the destruction and evil that took place was from the government, so this ministry is very timely,” he said. “I’m here with a hope to change people’s heart with the gospel.

“That’s why we’re called Capitol Service, so we can minister to the people in service.”