• Nicki Minaj
    (Photo: Reuters/Steve Marcus)
    Rapper and singer-songwriter from Trinidad and Tobago Nicki Minaj arrives at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards show in Las Vegas May 22, 2011.
By Brittney R. Villalva , Christian Post Reporter
February 12, 2012|9:49 pm

Nicki Minaj, who was nominated for a Grammy as Best New Artist, arrived at the Grammy Awards in an outfit that some say resembled Little Red Riding Hood.

Minaj appeared on the red carpet in a get up that included a red, draped dress, complete with a hood. When the artist arrived Sunday night, she stepped atop Entertainment News' rotating platform to reveal her gown from every angle. However despite the 360 view, many still confused the gown with a fairytale character.

While some compared her to Little Red Riding Hood, other users on Twitter had more interesting comparison, adding that it appeared that she was trying to compete with Lady Gaga for "most outrageous."

"Nicki Minaj resembled a less pretty, more manufactured version of Pokémon's Jynx," the user Peter | Lady Gaga said.

"Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj always battling for the most outrageous outfit," TeamJNicolls.

Unfortunately for Minaj, many said that the rap/hip-hop artist would be better off leaving the theatrics to Lady Gaga. "A bad imitation of Gaga RT @LaurenoLauren: Nicki Minaj what are you wearing?" IAMLaurenoLauren said.

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Some Twitter users were slightly more harsh. "Nicki Minaj know she need to go back to her dressing room and think about her physical appearance and never come back out," Emerald said.

Still, some loyal fans supported Minaj. "People hate on nicki minaj but her style & her courage to be different is makin her millions of dollars. she must be doing something right," Overdose_On_Onika said.