Nursing A Recession-Proof Career Choice

If you've always wanted a career in healthcare, helping people, there's great news. According to the Department of Labor, careers in nursing are skyrocketing, even with a recession looming. In fact, according to Yahoo! HotJobs, health care careers, including nursing, are some of the most "recession-proof" careers. Fortunately, with online education options, it's easier than ever to get a degree in health and nursing.

With a nursing degree you will have the skills to participate in the fastest growing occupation in the world. Advancement opportunities are strong in nursing, especially with increased education and experience. In two to four years and with minimal investment, nursing degree holders can expect to make, on average, between $48,000 and $80,000 with great benefits, stability and plentiful opportunities for advancement.

There are many top online universities that offer flexible, quick and well-respected nursing and healthcare degree programs that you can complete online.

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