One Table Many Voices – A Religious Response to Poverty and Hunger

Religious leaders across the nation are preparing for the upcoming One Table Many Voices campaign – the largest faith-based anti-hunger and anti-poverty initiative in decades.

Christian groups representing the Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Reformed, and Anglican traditions, are calling on its members to “be a part of the effort to end poverty” by gathering in Washington DC on June 4-7, 2005.

“The conference will give you an opportunity to meet other anti-hunger/poverty advocates from around the country and world. You will be renewed and challenged in your efforts against hunger and poverty,” a promo for the event read.

Events at the four-day conference will include workshops on hunger and international issues and an interfaith convocation at the national cathedral with faith leaders. Christian worship services “celebrating God’s love and concern for the poor and vulnerable” will also be held each day.

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