Online Education Changes Traditional Homeschooling

Online education is quickly becoming popular as an alternative for homeschool families in the United States. The power of information technology allows academies to offer unprecedented learning opportunities at home, according to Ralf Augstroze, vice president of solutions development for leading online Christian educational ministry Learning by Grace.

"Of all parents who begin to homeschool their children, approximately 50 percent drop it within a few months because of how difficult they found it to be," Augstroze said. "An online academy makes it easier than ever for parents to provide a high-quality Christian education at home," he said.

An online curriculum can be instantly updated where the traditional homeschool requires numerous books and paper, computer CDs and videos for instruction.

"When Arthur Miller passed away a few weeks ago, I saw it on a newswire minutes after it happened and it was in our curriculum soon after; our kids learned about it that day before their parents heard it on the news," he said.

Augstroze said many parents are not receiving the right facts about online homeschooling. "After attending a recent homeschool convention, I was shocked about the misinformation regarding online Christian homeschooling," he said.

The flexibility is appreciated by those parents who prefer online education. The Learning by Grace program features numerous options to cater to students from advanced placement status to the learning challenged. The program also allows for a Christian focus of the online academies.

Learning by Grace offers a program that allows churches and other Christian organizations to start their own Christian education ministry with almost no expense and in a very short amount of time. In the Partners by Grace Program, Learning by Grace shares a part of the tuition with a church or ministry, allowing them to A) have their own K-12 education ministry, B) do so at no expense to itself and C) gain a new source of revenue, helping to expand its education ministry.

Learning by Grace provides the leading online Christian homeschool academies, with its 130 courses and 180 hours of curriculum for the majority of the courses. No other Christian curriculum developer boasts this range and breadth of online Christian curriculum, available worldwide over the Internet, according to Augstroze.

Augstroze said Learning by Grace offers extras that homeschool families truly appreciate. "We operate an online Christian radio station called, and we will soon be releasing a free children's praise and worship CD," Augstroze said. "Families value our total package."

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