Open Doors Calls for Prayers for Bangladesh

Open Doors has called for Christians to pray for Bangladesh in a bid to restore peace and order after a series of pre-election protests prompted the interim caretaker government to declare a state of emergency last week.

The declaration of emergency came after the U.N. suspended all technical support for elections, which were due to take place Jan. 22, while many international observation missions have cancelled their schedules and refused to monitor polls. No new date has been fixed for the elections.

Now mission groups have cancelled their activities because of the country’s volatile situation, Open Doors has reported.

“There is unprecedented uncertainty shrouding the country now,” a Dhaka University professor said. “I cannot imagine what fate awaits [us]. But I can predict more agitation and more violence ahead.”

Open Doors is appealing to Christians to pray for:

• The Church – for protection for our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh and that God’s peace will guard their hearts and minds. Pray that they are able to be salt and light at this time

• Jesus’ salvation to be experienced by Bengalis

• Peace to reign in Bangladesh.