Over 100,000 Celebrate 77th Hong Kong Bible Conference

The largest ecumenical conference in Hong Kong came to an end Thursday night, with over 100,000 attendants tallied for the entire ten-day event.

Since Aug. 1, Christians from 28 denominations gathered for the 77th Hong Kong Bible Conference, which, over the years, has stood as the symbol of ecumenical ties in the churches of Hong Kong.

In his closing prayer, Rev. Lo En-De, the chair of the conference, stated, “This conference will not merely end tonight.”

“We believe that Your grace and Your word will be brought forth to the world through our brothers and sisters.”

According to Lo, over 400 volunteers participated in coordinating of the event, including 160 who devoted themselves full time.

Over the course of ten days, the conference raised over $100,000 (USD) and was broadcasted over 10 radio stations, including one from Canada.

Lo said he hopes that next year the conference may be broadcasted in areas of North America, Australia, and other Asian regions as well.

According to the Hong Kong-based Gospel Post news agency, Lo expressed gratitude to God for allowing the conference to go smoothly.

With all the goals of the conference fulfilled and surpassed, he said, "Today is the perfect ending for the Bible Conference."

During his closing prayer, Lo also prayed for God to “pour Your blessings upon us, allow us to stay awake, and let us have the ears to listen, the heart to be taught, and carry out with action so that the truth may stand firm in this evil era, and to testify You.”

“We thank You for Your grace to allow us to be here.”

In addition to Lo, conference speakers included Trinity Theological Seminary New Testament assistant professor Dr. Bao Wei Jun, China Evangelical Seminary Extension Director Dr. Wu Xian Zhang, and EVA International General Manager Rev. Ru Jia Mu.