Overcoming Insecurity

Romans 8:33-39

No quick solution exists for overcoming insecurity. First, we have to acknowledge that we feel insecure. Then we should try to identify which circumstances generate those feelings. Finally, we must decide to overcome that state of mind. "Drifting" into security is impossible; we must instead work toward it.

Having a sense of security is more than simply building self-esteem. Jesus Christ is our genuine source of strength and confidence—if we attempt to overcome insecurity without Him, we will simply be masking it with our own efforts.

The way we see ourselves is not necessarily the way we truly are. Instead, we have to ask how the Lord sees us. To shift our focus off ourselves and our mistakes, we must get into God's Word. Therefore, to overcome insecurity, we must first deal with any doubts we may have about the Bible. Scripture is so powerful that when we read what God says about us, our thinking will start to change, and we will be able to step out of insecurity's destructive mindset.

To continue the process, focus on the positive qualities in your life. Take a blank sheet of paper, and ask the Lord to guide you to an honest assessment of your advantageous traits. You will be surprised at what God shows you. But it is important not to look at others' talents to see how you measure up. No one is like you, so it is pointless to make comparisons. Our mission is to follow Jesus in the way that He calls us individually; consequently, we can look to Him for our security.

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