Passion '05 Presents Live Passionate Worship

Bringing you songs from the church both present and future, "Passion '05," featuring worship artists Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Charlie Hall and David Crowder Band, was released April 12.

The new live recording captures the cry of over 11,000 college students as the both artists and crowds declare God's fame, glory and Word.

The collection features new songs by David Crowder Band and Matt Redman along with classic songs from this year including "Indescribable" and "How Great Is Our God."

Passion '05, a four-day gathering for college students from around world, was held on January 2-5 in Nashville, Tennessee. The conference titled "A Generation United For His Renown" called students to discover what it really means to live for the glory of God.

Track Playlist:
1. There Is No One Like You
2. All Over The World
3. Indescribable
4. How Great Is Our God
5. Here Is Our King
6. Majesty
7. Glory Of Your Name
8. Whole World In His Hands
9. Mission's Flame
10. Marvelous Light
11. Nothing But The Blood
12. Your Grace Is Enough
13. It Is Well