Peterson's Verdict Recognizes Preborn Son

Several groups are applauding Friday’s jury verdict for Scott Peterson since provides legal protection for all human life no matter how big or small.

From a Redwood City courthouse, the jury convicted Peterson of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, 23-year-old Laci, and second-degree murder in the death of his 8-month-old unborn son, who the couple were planning to name Conner.

“The murder conviction of Scott Peterson in the death of his wife and preborn son, Conner, is further evidence of the growing shift in U.S. law regarding protection for all human life, including young humans who still reside in their mother’s wombs,” said Focus on the Family Senior Analyst for Bioethics Carrie Gordon Earll in an issued statement following the verdict.

Pro-family groups are glad to see the verdict in the Scott Peterson trial upheld two laws furthering the pro-life movement, California’s “fetal homicide” law and Congress’ “Unborn Victims of Violence Act.” Most pro-family and pro-life groups hold the belief that life and personhood begins at conception until natural death.

Earll explained, “California’s ‘fetal homicide’ law allowed the state to prosecute Peterson on behalf of both victims — mother and child. The outcry over Laci and Conner Peterson’s deaths also propelled Congress to pass the ‘Unborn Victims of Violence Act’ (also dubbed ‘Laci and Conner’s Law’) earlier this year, amending federal law to allow a separate penalty when a preborn child is killed in the commission of a violent crime against his or her mother.”

“During the course of the Peterson trial, hundreds of media reports referred to Conner as the Peterson’s ‘unborn child’,” he added. “This language confirms what we believe to be a move toward embracing all members of the human family — from fertilization to natural death.”

Before Laci disappeared from their Modesto home in Ca. 23 months ago, Scott Peterson told Amber Frey, a woman he was pursuing, that his wife was dead.

The jury will meet again during Thanksgiving week to determine whether Peterson will get the death penalty.

Randy Thomasson, executive director of Campaign for California Families, said he supports the dealth penalty for Peterson.

"This case was about two sacred institutions - life and family. Scott Peterson attacked marriage and family by committing adultery and pursuing 'free sex' before he attacked and killed Laci so he could pursue another woman. He murdered two innocent human beings: his wife and his son Connor, who had lived only eights months in the womb,” said Thomasson.

While Thomasson is thankful for the ruling, he suggested the verdict should have acknowledged Conner’s personhood.

"This case put the unborn child on the map. Thank God for California's fetal homicide law, which meant the justice of two murder convictions instead of only one,” he said.

“Still, the jury should have delivered a first-degree conviction for Scott's premeditated murder of his unborn son,” he added. “Connor's life was worth as much as Laci's. A person is a person, no matter how small."

“Violence against pregnant women and their children is all too common,” observed Earll, “and we hope that the Peterson jury verdict will send a message affirming a woman’s legal right to choose to be pregnant and have her preborn children protected under the law.”