Photos and Schedule for the WCC UN Advocacy Week

The long anticipated World Council of Churches’ UN Advocacy Week opened in New York City on November 14, 2004. The 5-day event, sponsored and coordinated by the WCC”s International affairs, peace and human security department, brought together key leaders in the ecumenical church movement who have long-been involved in the effort eradicate poverty and bring economic and social justice throughout the world.

According to the WCC, “key people responsible for international affairs and advocacy in member churches, specialized ministries and ecumenical organizations” came together “for strategic discussions on topics like "The responsibility of the international community for peace in Sudan" and "The role of the churches in fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals".”

This year, the participants will focus on how to improve cooperation and prioritize efforts in the present international political environment. Focus areas include Sudan, the nuclear proliferation treaty, UN reform, and Economic justice. In addition to the focus areas, the attendees will address issues from Southeast Europe, Colombia, Israel-Palestine, eminent persons' response to conflicts in Africa, advocacy in conflicts and crisis, international criminal court, and Iraq.

To see the complete provisional agenda for the week, please visit: