Pitch Your Tent

"I will pitch my tent in the land of hope."

I love The Message translation of Acts 2:26. I love the imagery because I just went camping with my boys last weekend. And I know that where you decide to pitch your tent is a critical decision. If you pitch it on unlevel ground or on rocks it'll be a long night! You also need to make sure you've got all the tent pegs secured.

Here's the question: Where are you pitching your tent?

Too often we pitch our tent in the land of frustration or the land of disappointment or the land of pride or the land of jealousy or the land of pity or the land of anger. We make our dwelling where we have no business being! We need to pitch our tent in the land of hope. That is where we need to hammer our tent pegs. Why? Because God is Sovereign. And He has good things in store for us! How? The promises of God are the tent pegs. And prayer is the hammer!

I can't help but think of my hike on the Inca Trail. We had porters who pitched our tents for us. They would make us breakfast. Pack up our tents. Pass us on the trail. And get to our campsite before us. Lunch would already be made and our tents would already be pitched when we got to the campsite they skillfully selected. That is a picture of the Sovereignty of God isn't it? Praise the God who pitches our tents!