PK, NDI Reach Thousands of Haitians with Gospel

A series of spiritual enrichment events reached countless thousands of Haitians with the message of the gospel Dec. 8-12 in the National Stadium, the Haitian White House, a central plaza in the capital and through radio and TV broadcasts. “Haiti at the Cross,” the combined effort of New Directions International and Promised Keepers, included speakers such as Dr. J.L. Williams, President and CEO of New Directions; Dr. Tom Fortson, president and CEO of Promise Keepers; former Major League Baseball pitcher Dave Dravecky, PK speaker Bishop Larry Jackson and PK speaker and Christian camp organizer Joe White.

"Haiti is poised for unprecedented revival," said Dr. J.L. Williams, founder and CEO of the missions and relief organization New Directions International.

As Williams addressed the leaders, he stressed the importance of this moment in Haiti's history.

"We must act decisively to seize this moment for the Kingdom and initiate a new era in Haiti—one in which the people will not be bound by the evils of Voodoo, but rather satisfied by the joys of being in Christ," he exhorted. According to NDI, this year marks the 200th anniversary of the Voodoo ceremony wherein witchdoctors sold the country to Satan in exchange for freedom from slavery.

Visiting Haiti for the first time, Promise Keepers president and CEO Dr. Tom Fortson addressed a crowd of Haitians in the National Stadium Wednesday evening, delivering a message of hope and encouragement.

"I'm here in Haiti because I have a passion to see men changed for Christ," Fortson said. "This is how you begin to solve the problems in Haiti."

He stated that Promise Keepers is actively developing its international presence, and Haiti is on the PK radar screen. "You can't come to Haiti and not see the need. It's everywhere you look, everywhere you go. But there is a message of hope for Haiti. It’s the message of Jesus," Fortson added.

Having been active in Haiti for more than 35 years, New Directions conducted tours of several relief efforts, which it oversees to help the poor and the homeless. The tour included a visit to an orphanage and a village conceived by Christian women in Haiti to provide housing and school for those in extreme need.

"We're just in awe of what the Lord is doing here in Haiti," Williams said. "I look around and see a nation that ranks in the top three poorest countries in the world. But I believe the message of the Gospel is the answer, and that's why we're here."

Also, among the special events were a pastors’ luncheon and a national prayer convocation held in the Haitian White House on Thursday, Dec. 9.

“The White House event was especially significant because of the gruesome Voodoo rituals that were once held in the basement of the capital building,” NDI reported.

The organization said a new era of Christian government officials joined together that day to lift praise in song and to seek God’s blessing on the depressed and impoverished nation of Haiti, just a few feet above the place where Voodoo sacrifices took place under former regimes.

Additional events included Bicentennial Liberation Festivals in 12 to 15 cities around Haiti (Dec. 4-7), and Choir Day at the National Stadium on Sunday morning (Dec. 12).

The “Haiti at the Cross” conference series ended Sunday with a closing event at the National Stadium in Port Au Prince.