By Charles Stanley, Christian Post Contributor
March 12, 2013|8:32 am

Proverbs 6:20-35

Respect for authority is not always automatic. The story about a new football coach illustrates what I mean.

One day, before practice, the coach posted a sign that read, "Do not walk on the grass." About half of the team followed the instruction, but the rest of the players ignored it-the sign didn't make sense to them since practice was always held on that field. Later the coach explained that he was testing the players to see who would be likely to follow his game plan and who might buck the new system. He learned quite a lot in those few minutes.

The Lord has specifically instructed us not to yield to the lusts of the flesh. While the Bible indicates that pleasure is associated with sexual intimacy, it also clearly warns us about the dangers of operating beyond the boundaries of God's protective will. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus expanded on Old Testament teachings by explaining that it's not just our actions but even heart attitude that can overstep God's limits (Matt. 5:28).

Periodically doing a "heart checkup" will reveal where you stand and help to keep you safe. Ask, What's my reaction to God's boundaries? and then remind yourself that they are meant for your good.

Do you test the Lord's limits to see how strong they are or to find weak points? Are you one who has to understand His rules before accepting them? Submitting to God's plan brings safety and blessing (Deut. 11:27). Confess any resistance, and pray for the strength to submit.

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