Pro-Life Campaign Saves 389 Babies from Abortion

Pro-life advocates reported that they have saved 398 babies from abortion during a recent nationwide campaign.

During the 40 Days of Life Campaign, which ran Feb. 25 to April 5, pro-life supporters prayed and fasted to end abortion. In the fourth run of the campaign, participants also held prayer vigils and local demonstrations outside abortion centers in 135 cities across the country, Canada, Australia and Northern Ireland.

The figure from the latest 40 Days of Life effort brings the total number of babies saved from abortion to 1,517.

"There are undoubtedly others that we don't know about," said Shawn Carney, 40 Days for Life's spring campaign director, "as well we're aware that many appointments were canceled when several clinics closed unexpectedly on days when abortions are normally scheduled."

Carney said pro-life advocates braved rain, cold weather and snowstorms to bring their message to women entering clinics.

Clinics in such cities as Austin, Texas and Kalispell, Mont., cut back hours or closed for entire days during the 40 days, the campaign reported. In other cities, the number of women seeking abortions declined sharply.

During the 40-day campaign altogether, three abortion facilities closed its doors.

"If there's a main theme I'm hearing from the tens of thousands of participants around the country at the completion of this spring's 40 Days for Life campaign, it's 'We don't want to stop!'" Carney said.

"People have witnessed first-hand that a prayerful presence outside abortion facilities saves lives, and they know they will see additional results by continuing their vigils."

The next 40 Days for Life campaign will be held Sept. 23-Nov. 1.