Pro-Life Groups Join in Crusade for Life

In a bold statement for the sanctity of life, a group of youth will walk over 1000 miles across the Great Lakes region in the annual pro-life Crusade walks.

American Life League, the largest grassroots pro-life educational organization in the nation and sponsor of the Crusade walks, held a press conference on Thursday to introduce the young men and women who will make the long trek.

Members of the pro-life movement met in Chicago to meet and encourage the team. Titled “You can’t be catholic and pro-abortion,” the press conference was also an opportunity for American Life League to unveil a new ad that calls upon Catholic lawmakers to take a stand against abortion.

Joseph M. Starrs, Director of American Life League’s Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church, led the press event. Starrs emphasized the importance of bishops and their role in the pro-life movement.

“We hope this ad and the summer walks will succeed in offering encouragement to the bishops, as well as helping all Catholics understand the simple truth that you can’t be Catholic and pro-abortion,” said Starrs.

Crusade walks will also take place in California and in the Northeast region. During the walks, groups will take part in witnessing and counseling about the Gospel and the pro-life message. All groups plan to reach their destinations and conclude the walks on July 31. More information is featured on the American Life League’s webpage,