ProChrist to Conclude with New Outreach Campaign

ProChrist, one of Europe's largest evangelistic events, is now at its seventh day at the Olympic hall in Munich, Germany with the participation of hundreds of thousands of attendants and viewers from all over the continent.

The sixth ProChrist outreach, themed "From Doubt to Amazement," is being broadcast daily across 1,250 venues, linking Europeans in 21 countries to the message of Jesus Christ with up to 20 different language translations. Transmission of the nine-day gathering is being made onto large screens in local venues, including churches and the city hall.

More than 160,000 people took part in the opening night alone and as of Wednesday, 8,000 visitors from 37 countries joined ProChrist online.

"Jesus Christ satisfies our desire for healing," said the Rev. Ulrich Parzany, the main speaker for ProChrist and former general secretary of the German YMCA. Parzany, known for his clear and direct words, has headed the previous five ProChrist events since 1995.

This year's theme stems from the attitude toward religious happenings in Germany and Europe. While many have turned from the church and churches themselves have been losing ground, discussions on religious and ethical issues have increasingly opened up in society.

The large-scale outreach also extends to children - ProChrist for Kids - which is also being transmitted live from Germany.

ProChrist was founded in 1991 with the first steps toward using modern satellite technology for evangelization having already been taken. In 1993, the Billy Graham Crusade in Essen, Germany was the first ProChrist event and the largest evangelization effort ever held in the twentieth century. It was one of the first times the crusade was transmitted across the continent. Ever since then, ProChrist has modeled similarly after the renowned Graham crusade every two to three years.

Nearly a year ahead of ProChrist 2006, a new campaign called "The smallest church in the world" was launched in May 2005. The ten-month journey was marked with 70 small "smart" cars visiting over 100 cities in Germany and neighboring countries to do evangelistic outreach and community service projects. Over 3,000 Christians volunteered as drivers. The campaign will end on the closing day of the ProChrist event, March 26.