Progressive Christians Prepare for 2,500-Mile Walk of Affirmation

Martin Luther brought reform to Christianity when he nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg, Germany, centuries ago. Today, a group of Christians plan to articulate Christianity from a progressive Christian standpoint, crossing through 2,500 miles of U.S. grounds to nail their own affirmations to the doorway of America.

Beginning Easter Sunday, a number of Christian ministers and laypeople from various denominations will reclaim their faith as they set off for a cross-country journey from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington, D.C., carrying copies of "The Phoenix Affirmations" - a set of 12 theological values from a progressive Christian perspective.

The 5-million-step and nearly six month-long walk will aim to arouse public consciousness on the little connection the America today has to the historic faith that the nation was founded on.

CrossWalk America, headed by the Rev. Dr. Eric Elnes, senior pastor at the Scottsdale Congregational United Church of Christ in Arizona, and a lay member participants point to how mainstream Christianity has been eroded by fundamentalism while the emerging progressing Christian movement has remained marginalized.

Dr. James Forbes, senior pastor of Riverside Church in New York City called the walk "the next great awakening" of the spirit, according to Waterfront Media.

Bicyclists have already begun raising awareness as they rode off from Seattle this past Sunday toward Phoenix.

CrossWalk America calls Christians to strengthen progressive Christianity, calling America to tolerance and to the power of love, which the affirmations stress.

Preceding the formation of CrossWalk America, over 160 clergy in Arizona drafted "The Phoenix Declaration," which emphasizes tolerance, pointing out that there is no credible biblical or theological basis for determining homosexuality to be a sin, or for excluding gays and lesbians from the full life of church and society.

CrossWalk America is a recently formed organization that articulates and acts upon "The Phoenix Affirmations" which defines values around loving God, neighbor, and self. Walk participants are expected to each the capital on Sept. 3.