Prostate Health

Dr. Cherry shares the research behind his formulation for the prostate, which includes the very best ingredients to shrink the prostate and decrease the inflammation in the prostate. What he found is that one or two ingredients are not sufficient to address the problems completely, and a comprehensive approach is needed.

• Saw palmetto – Long used for prostate health, it helps shrink the prostate and decreases inflammation. It is important to take saw palmetto with other ingredients that work a little differently, and that also help it work more effectively.

• Pygeum – Another long-used extract, it also helps to shrink the prostate and decreases inflammation, as well as increasing urinary flow and lessening the urgency to urinate.

• Beta-sitosterol – An essential ingredient, it helps to decrease the number of nighttime trips to the bathroom, and increases flow.

• Nettle root powder – A plant sterol that is one of the strongest for inflammation

• Rye pollen extract – Popular in Europe, it is used to shrink the prostate and it enhances the way the other products work.

• Soy isoflavones and Red clover powder – While many of the other ingredients take effect in a matter of weeks, these isoflavones produce a more rapid onset, with people seeing results in just 7-10 days.

• Pumpkin seed powder – A good source of zinc and other nutrients beneficial to the prostate.

Prostate issues are a major problem for men, but God has provided a major solution on the natural side. God has given us a pathway to healing, and He wants you to be well.